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We have gathered all the information, contacts, suggestions, timelines, and more you will need to consider and manage the launch of your new catamaran. Please note that this information is proprietary and as such requires you to sign on and manage a password for entry. We ask that you keep this password secure.
We created this site as a way to walk new Balance Catamaran owners through the steps they need, but we recognize that you are the real source of what information you need, so please let us know what we can add to make this portal the most effective site for owners. Owners from non-North American continents can share their insights to include contacts and time-saving tips from their region of the world especially.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Give the sight an overview even if you are well into your launch planning to ensure that you have completed each stage.
Step 3: Get started!
Step 4: Give us feedback so we can improve this site in real time.
Stay in Balance,
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