About Time Says It All

This bright star, the latest Balance 442, launched recently in Cape Town, and her owners – Barry and Elizabeth – named her About Time.

They sent along the reason they chose this name, and it is so lovely and wise we wanted to share its message with you.

“When most people hear the name About Time, they immediately assume it means “Oh, it’s about time you bought a boat.” For us, the meaning of About Time speaks to the essence of “time” and how precious a gift it is.

“Clearly, “time” is the single greatest thing we have and without knowing what tomorrow can bring, it is up to all of us to enjoy the moment and treasure our time spent with family and friends.

“The movie About Time was the inspiration for the boat name. The movie is both funny and sentimental and will make you laugh and cry. It will make you think of past times with family and friends and although, while you were living them, they didn’t seem so unusual, you realize now looking back how special those moments were.

“My Dad, who introduced me to sailing, passed away in 2001. The movie brings me back to those great moments sailing together and even though at the time they seemed like just average days, today I cherish them so much more because I know I can never go back to them again.”

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