Cape Town

Vessel Launch & Commissioning: Cape Town

It’s always an exciting day when your boat is first trucked to the water’s edge and splashes for the first time! Many of you will wish to be there to break that bottle of champagne to celebrate the occasion and toast the next great adventures in your lives. We love to have our catamaran owners come to the launch, but there is still work to be done. So, we suggest that after she is launched to take a South African vacation!  (Start planning your visit here!)

PS: If you want to be here for the launch to see it hit the water for the first time but can’t make it to South Africa with this timeline in mind, just let us know and we can set up a virtual champagne event for you via Skype or Zoom, etc.

After she is launched, we must step the rig, bend the sails, calibrate her instruments, sea trial her, deal with punch list items, etc., etc., etc..

A lot of our team members will be running around on your boat completing these tasks. So, as you can imagine, there is just too much still going on. There is no set rule for how long it will take us to fully commission your boat and do the handover, but normally this takes two weeks. And yes, it could take longer if an issue arises.

Meet the Cape Town Team

Mark Delaney

+27 82 447 655

Alistair Dickson

+27 72 317 9810

Peter Dean

+27 82 567 9125

Shereen Robertson

+27 21 448 7902

Coming Soon

Emmanuel Chuma

+27 83 208 9916

Arriving in Cape Town

When you land in Cape Town, we will collect you at the airport, and our driver, Emmanuel (Image and contact number above) will collect you in our people carrier. (Lots of space for any additional bags that you may bring along!)

When you land, as you come through the doors at the airport after collecting your luggage, Emmanuel will be there in Balance Catamarans clothing and with a Balance Catamarans sign.

Please be sure to send Shereen all your flight details ahead of time. Emmanuel will be available during your stay in Cape Town to drive you to and from your accommodation, our factory and your vessel.

Balance Catamarans Cape Town Facility

Launching Your Vessel

You are welcome to attend the launch of your vessel, but you will only be able to move onto your vessel 2-3 weeks after launch. This allows us to complete the vessel commissioning and sea trialing.

In Cape Town, your vessel will as a rule be launched at Royal Cape Yacht Club, which is one of South Africa’s premier yacht clubs and has full marina, slip, bar and restaurant facilities. 

There is the small possibility that the crane at Royal Cape Yacht Club might be out of commission, in which case we will need to launch your vessel inside the Port of Cape Town, which has restricted access. If this is the case and you wish to attend the launch of your vessel, you will need to go through a Port safety induction process 2-3 days before your launch date to be granted access into the port. This Induction takes about two hours.

In Cape Town, we launch our catamarans without the mast stepped. The mast of your vessel will be stepped in the Port, either on the day your vessel is launched or the next day, depending on prevailing wind and weather conditions.

Your vessel will be berthed in the V&A Waterfront, in front of the Two Oceans Aquarium. This is another good reason to choose your accommodation in the V&A Waterfront, with easy access to shops, hotels, and restaurants, all within walking distance. (Please see more on accommodations here.)

RODELESS 482 & SEALIFE 482 at the V&A Waterfront
442 UMOYA Launch Day