Designing Your Balance

Designing Your Dream Boat

The Balance Configurator on our website was designed to help you explore the full range of different materials and design choices.

The fabrics and blends were carefully curated by Ed Kelly, the master interior designer who works with Balance Catamarans to achieve the latest in contemporary European design.

You will find White Oak, Walnut, Salele Mahogany, Cherry and more veneers loaded into the configurator that all display the full grain of the wood. Of course, as natural materials, they will vary from boat to boat in color and finish, but these images give you the best option for fully appreciating how these woods would look in your boat.

Please note that, on occasion, some materials might not be available due to worldwide shortages or demand. But similar options are always being sourced.

We suggest you have some fun with the configurator first. Go wild with your colors and your woods. Play what if…

When you are ready, you have two options:
1: Fully design your boat using the configurator options at no additional charge
2: Or seek professional design assistance to help with your choices or to design an interior with material not featured.

As part of the design process you will receive our Design Box shortly before start of your hull construction which includes all available options for you to see and touch in operson to help confirm your choices.  Once done, the design box will be returned for the next owner in line.

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