St. Francis Bay

Vessel Launch & Commissioning: St. Francis Bay

Launch day gets chosen a few months before the boat is expected to be ready, but the exact date can change due to tides, weather, or the slipway managing an emergency repair on a fishing boat. The dates available are limited as it needs to be a spring tide in order for the tide to be high enough to lift the boat off of the trailer. And if the weather does not cooperate, the launch sometimes needs to be postponed until the next spring tide. Spring tides occur approximately every two weeks.

The mast gets stepped at the factory 2 days before the chosen launch date, and all the sails and running rigging are fitted the following day.

We love it when our new owners join us for the walk to the Port and get to see all the launch action and of course break that bottle of champagne.

Once your new boat has been launched you will not be allowed access to your boat for at least 3 weeks while we finish testing and commissioning on the water. At this time your boat will be uninhabitable with all the action and final finishing happening. After sea trialling, sail & rig tuning, and making any adjustments that are needed you will be able to inspect your boat and weather permitting, go on a few test sails before leaving on your next great adventure.

Meet the St. Francis Team

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Balance Catamarans St. Francis Facility

Commissioning Your Balance Catamaran

Every single system on the boat needs to be setup, tested, and run. All navigational instruments need to be calibrated. The boats will go through at least 2 or 3 sea trials before the boat is ready to be handed over to the new owner. So it is generally wise to assume it will be a week or so after launch that she can be trialed. The rigging will be retuned if necessary. Also, the rigging should be checked and retuned again after the delivery of the boat (if not being shipped).

If the boat is to be sailed out of South Africa the 50-hour engine service should be done before the boat departs. This means that the engines need to be used to get close to 50 hours on each engine before the engine service is completed. For the 526 usually the first leg from St Francis to Cape Town is enough to put sufficient hours on the engines. For the 482 and 442 it means we need to manage a few scenic Cape Town shoreline trips.

The time taken to complete commissioning will vary from boat to boat, depending on the number of issues to be worked through, the amount of interior work still to complete when the boat is launched, the number of weather delays when sea trialing, etc. On average though usually a new boat will be ready to be handed over to the new buyer 2-3 weeks after the launch date.

NUWAY 526 Heads to the Harbor
ALANI 526 Hits the Water