Vessel Delivery

Delivering a Balance

Deliveries can be arranged directly through Balance for boats coming from either factory. We can help arrange delivery services and help support arranging delivery crews for your passage.

We are closely associated with the local skipper and delivery crews, have vetted them thoroughly, and will be able to manage all first stage warranty and support with more fluency and alacrity. Our aim over time is assemble a core group of Balance delivery teams we know we can count on for prudent and safe operation and who are familiar with the products.

Delivery fees range depending on the boat LOA and route. All routes can be quoted for on request, however the most common routes quoted are from South Africa to Grenada or US East Coast.

Delivering a Balance on Her Own Bottom

The delivery fee includes a Captain and 2 crew members. If you would like to join the delivery, we can quote for a Captain only delivery.  Delivery fee excludes all costs, including but not limited to, travel to South Africa, provisioning, fuel, marina fee, customs fees etc.

Deliveries are allocated a set number of days to complete. Allocated days include provision for preparing the boat at the beginning of the trip, a couple stops along the way (usually St Helena, Fernando de Noronha), checking in and cleaning of the boat on arrival, and stopping in Cape Town for boats being delivered from St Francis. Deliveries taking longer than this are charged a daily rate for the excess number of days.

For example, the allocated number of days to move a Balance 526 from St Francis to Grenada is 48 days.  Days in excess of this will be charged at $300/day. Some Captains will prefer not to stop along the way and will complete the trip in less than the allocated number of days. And sometimes the winds are very favorable and they arrive much sooner.

Boats can be delivered at all times of the year, but additional caution is required during the Southern hemisphere Winter/ Northern hemisphere summer. During winter in Cape Town large winter storms regularly come up from the Southern Ocean such that departure dates need to be carefully timed to ensure avoiding these storms. Once arriving in the Northern Hemisphere, hurricane season will be underway.  Hurricanes very rarely come as far south as Grenada so most deliveries will stop there if arriving in the Caribbean between June and November.

Shipping a Balance

Shipping from Cape Town

Ships transporting yachts dock in Cape Town harbor approximately once a month. Regular stops for ships departing Cape Town are to Tortola in the BVI, Fort Lauderdale in Florida, or Sète on the south coast of France.

The estimated fee for shipping a Balance 526, subject to change:

Tortola: $48,000US
Fort Lauderdale: $54,000US
Sète, France: $52,000US

Shipping from St. Francis

Boats from the St Francis factory will need to be sailed to Cape Town before the transport ship arrives.

In Cape Town, an agent will prepare the boat for shipping. The jib is removed, the main is removed or wrapped up, markings for the strap placements are made, any loose items are secured etc.

Additional Details

Insurance is covered by the factory insurance until the Balance is unloaded off of the ship. This way the buyer will not need to buy a separate insurance policy to get his boat to the ship.

The boat will need to be picked up by a captain at its final destination when it is offloaded from the ship and then moved to a dock and recommissioned i.e. power will need to be turned back on, boat will need to be thoroughly cleaned, sails all need to go back on, systems will need to be checked to ensure they are all working properly etc.

Balance can organize for someone to assist you in this regardless of where your boat is offloading.