Vicious Fishes – Shipped to USA

Vicious Fishes made her grand entrance in Cape Town on March 13, 2024. She is the 11th hull of the B442s.

Owners Jim and Kim arrived in Cape Town a few weeks after the launch to see their boat in the water. With new boats launching approximately every two weeks, we frequently have several owners and future owners in Cape Town simultaneously. During this trip, we managed to gather a group of owners for a drink and a meal, joined by Phil Berman himself.

The decision was made to ship Vicious Fishes to the US. During the wait for her departure aboard a container ship, we seized the opportunity to film most of the onboarding videos featured on the ‘Operating Your Balance‘ page. We would like to extend our gratitude to Jim and Kim for allowing us to use their boat to help educate other owners about the inner workings of Balance boats.


Vicious Fishes will be offloading in the US this week, with Kayla overseeing the process. We look forward to seeing Jim and Kim finally sail their boat away.

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