Warranty Information

The terms of your warranty are clearly outlined in the yacht build contract in terms of what the builders carry and for how long. We also explain that on OEM equipment such as engines and electronics, etc, that you will be given warranty cards when taking possession of your yacht.

Currently, our teams in both the US and South Africa are here for you when it comes to Balance Warranty Service.  The team is here to help find the right agents around the world to correct an issue that may arise with your OEM equipment. We work with the vendor directly, with our suppliers in SA, or with local service agencies where you happen to be when a problem arises.

As you probably understand, 90% of all warranty problems will not be related to the build itself, but to the moving parts and electronics and engines and things of this nature. Many buyers often forget that these yachts are complex floating eco-systems bouncing around in a corrosive environment and that much of the equipment is sophisticated.  The number of things we ask our floating homes to do is enormous!  Our team’s core responsibility  is to assist you every step of the way to resolve whatever problems you have, despite the fact that on many warranty related problems the claims and issues are with OEM equipment providers that we do not fully control. We simply try to exert the leverage we have with them to offer you the best possible service we can offer.

Do note that on a voyaging catamaran such as a Balance, you may end up with some warranty problem or issue in a distant place in the world where support or service may be hard to come by. But as long as you remain in touch with our team  we will do all we can to make things as smooth for you as we can in securing parts, repairs, or finding you the expertise you need to correct a problem.

Meet the Warranty Team

Myck Jabber: Cape Town

+27 21 448 7902 ext. 109
WhatsApp: +27 71 689 6891

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Anni MacLeod: St Francis Bay

+27 (0) 42 294 0321
+27 (0) 42 294 1819

Kayla Keating: Philadelphia

+1 (484) 413-2132

Warranty Periods

Warranty FAQ

Hull Warranty – 3 years from launch date
Osmosis Warranty – 5 years

Sparcraft Rig – ?
Ullman Sails –
Yanmar Engines – 3 years
Yanmar Sail Drives – 3 years
Raymarine Navigation Equipment – 3 years
Radar? Infrared camera? Horn?
Harken Winches – 3 years
Lewmar Hatches – 3 years
Spectra watermaker
Electric throttles
Water pumps
Bilge pumps
Underwater lights
Integrel alternators
Plumbing faucets etc
Quick water heaters
Electrical installation

The first person to contact is Patrick Roscoe, the Balance Catamarans Warranty Service and Customer
Support Manager.
Phone: +1 484 413 2132
Email: patrick@balancecatamarans.com

Patrick will help you resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Depending on where you are in the world,
and the extent of your problem, Patrick may try and resolve it himself or contract one of our service
agents around the globe to assist. Patrick will work with the Nexus and Balance Catamarans Cape Town
factories to resolve any build issues, or assist with 3rd party component suppliers where possible.

For any work related to repairing factory defaults within the warranty period there is no charge.
Balance will assist the client in communicating with OEM parts suppliers, but cannot guarantee the
decision of the supplier whether to replace the components free of charge or not. When suppliers replace
parts they do not generally pay for the labor to reinstall the part.